Need for Reading is a Software program for teaching Children to Adults plus ESL students. Simple to understand with carefully graded steps


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Description of Need4Reading:

Remedial teachingFor Home Schooling and those persons who have missed their basics, cannot read fluently or comprehend sentences.The program provides a full multimedia presentation which displays video, clearly depicting the mouth movements and the way in which words are actually spoken. Each letter of the Alphabet is shown with the"Phonic" (meaning sound) associated with that particular letter. The program then proceeds step by step to teach the student all of the "Phonic alphabet". These are the basics of the English language and the fundamental building blocks.ESL (English Second Langage)The "Need for Reading" program was developed for ESL (English Second Language) students with difficulties in understanding written and spoken English. The program starts with the basics of English in order to build a solid foundation from which more advanced levels are developed.

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