MVsoft PCBase

Keep track of enterprise computers, peripherals and software.




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Description of MVsoft PCBase:

The data includes information on computers componentry, peripheral devices and locally installed software. Using this program you get opportunities to:¡¤ Create and support locations (subdivisions) structure¡¤ Import data into database from files created with mvPCinfo utility¡¤ Renew data automatically¡¤ Remove computers from one location to another¡¤ Remove components and peripherals between the computers¡¤ Navigate the trees of all installed components, peripherals and software¡¤ View components, peripherals and software statistics charts¡¤ Print a set of documentation: - List of computers of any subdivision - Components, peripherals and software of any computer - List of computers that contain any indicated component, peripherals or software - Event log that contains data on all changes for any time period Together with mvPCinfo utility it allows to perform automatic enterprise network inventory in easy-to-use manner.

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