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MatCalc60 is a programmable desktop calculator. It can be used to make fundamental algebraic calculations using real and complex and vectors and matri




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Description of MatCalc Matrix Analyzer:

At its simplest level, MatCalc60 is a programmable desktop calculator. It will accept an arithmetic expression, calculate its value, display the result and store it for a later use. MatCalc60 can perform the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and finding the square root of both real and complex numbers. MatCalc60 can be also used to make those same calculations for real and vectors and matrices. You can load a matrix from disk or enter and edit matrices directly from the keyboard, analyze and manipulate them, then save them to disk using several different file formats. MatCalc60 will handle matrices up to 100 x 100 and larger using up to 27 virtual memory storage registers, depending upon the capacity of your machine. MatCalc60 will allow you to calculate analytic matrix functions, i.e., sin, cos, exp, using matrix series expansion algorithms. MatCalc60 is tightly integrated with separate graphics modules that allow you to perform graphical analysis as it pertains to vectors and matrices as well as curve fitting and statistical analysis of data. There is some linear programming and matrix game theory capability and a built in command line parsing module that understands matrix algebra.

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