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Description of KM Navigator:

The KM Navigator is designed to build powerfull Knowledgebase on topics of your interest from the internet along with mining leads and favorites quickly and efficiently. The KM Navigator utilises multiple search engines simultaneously and saves a lot of time and money for the user. The results produced by the KM Navigator are accurate and usefull to drive businesses through competition and ever demanding customer requirements. Features of KM Navigator Vr 1.0:Search multiple search engines simultaneously. Build datewise accurately clustered Knowledgebase on topics of your interest. Usefull for businesses to build knowledgebase of competitors, Vendors, customers, Prospects etc. The Knowledge Window has a very easy to use interface that resembles that of Internet Explorer. Build clustered Favorites. Extract focussed Campaign Leads Build database of unlimited leads. Verify leads Export to Microsoft Outlook for mailing.KMsoft welcomes any customisation requests to KMNavigator and any of its products. Please log on to

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