KikBak File Protection Utility

KikBak File Protection Utility protects your data by maintaining copies of important files and directories on other disks or devices




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Description of KikBak File Protection Utility:

KikBak protects your important files by maintaining copies of those files on another local disk, a network disk, or other devices. With KikBak, you simply pick the folders that you want to protect, then specify one or more "mirror" or destination folders where you want copies maintained. When a new file is written to a protected folder, it will automatically be written to all your destination folders. Anytime you update a file in a protected folder, it will be updated in all the destination folders. KikBak won't waste valuable CPU time by copying files that do not need to be copied because it compares the time stamp of each destination/source pair before deciding whether to copy. It also keeps a meticulous record (log) of all its activities.

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