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Chyfo is a powerful, flexible and high-performance database migration and movement tool. Chyfo can be also used as a data export tool. This tool significantly facilitates the movement of database schemas and data between different or same database systems. Chyfo uses the fastest, database native tools to import or load data. Chyfo can export data from any database accessible through the ODBC interface. It exports data to text files (CSV, TAB delimited and fixed length are supported formats) and generates native DDL and import-load scripts for various databases. Chyfo uses the ODBC interface for exporting data only (Our tests show that the ODBC interface is fast enough in comparison with native interfaces as regards the data export). Chyfo is especially designed for Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server databases but can be also very helpful for other databases such as Sybase, Informix, MySQL, Access, FoxPro and others. It has a lot of features useful for DBAs: - This is a comprehensive command prompt tool. So you can create various scripts to automate your work. The tool allows you creating scripts for regular data moving, loading into databases or datawarehouses. - You can provide a table name, a table template (like %.% to export all tables of a database) or any SQL SELECT statement (from the command prompt or a file) specifying the data to be exported. - The tool generates native CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX scripts for Oracle, IBM DB2 and MS SQL Server. - The tool generates loading scripts for specified database (control files for Oracle SQL Loader, IMPORT and LOAD scripts for IBM DB2). - You can provide a list of columns to be excluded from converting, start row and number of rows to be exported. - Movement of LOBs (images, binary files) is completely supported. - Many others useful features such setting names for output table, schema, files, file directories and others. Chyfo runs on Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2000.

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