The birthday and anniversary reminder application for your Palm device.




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Palm OS

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Description of IBirthday:

IBirthday is a companion tool for your Palm device with which you may maintain events like:

; Birthdays ; Anniversaries ; Public Holidays
You may enter events manually or have them automatically imported from the built-in address book and memo applications. Special fieldsand notations may be used to specify or mark entries as being events to be imported.

IBirthday may automatically create datebook entries for all or only some of the events. These datebook entries may either be repeating events or just single events happening within the future.

Also, IBirthday may alarm you in advance about events happing and also on the exact date of the event. This way you will never forget any important events like birthdays. Alarms may be snoozed so that you will be re-alarmed after the specified period of time.

Here is a short feature list of the application

; Two types of entries (birthdays/anniversaries) ; Manually add/edit entries within the application ; Importing events from the built-in address book. This is doneeither through the use of custom fields or notes. ; Importing events from the built-in memo application. ; Automatic datebook entry creation for events. ; Setting alarms and alarms triggered in advance to events. ; Viewing contact details for events imported from address book. ; Adding multi-line notes to events. ; Snooze option for alarms. ; Configurable alarm sound based on system MIDI sounds. ; Beam single events or event categories.

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