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IRT provides a built-in way for Internet Explorer to save and search Web page content, as well as create bibliographic citations for online informatio




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Browsing the Web without Internet Research Toolbar is like food shopping without a cart. You need a place to put all the great stuff you find. IRT is the place.b>IRT provides a built-in way for Internet Explorer to save and search Web-page content. It's like having your own personal Google search engine for all the Web pages you've ever wanted to save. You can search pages by whole or partial words, project, category, record type, date-saved, or by combined criteria. IRT also creates bibliographic citations formatted for online information. Sixteen MLA- and APA-compatible citation styles simplify online research. A well-thought-out interface makes IRT very easy-to-use. Specifically: IRT works with Internet Explorer so there is no need to launch another application; IRT indicates whether the page being viewed in your browser has already been saved (prevents saving the same page twice); IRT displays text that you highlighted on a Web page within search results summaries (makes it easy to see if a Web page contains the information you are looking for); IRT provides for the modeless editing of document properties (makes creation of comprehensive bibliographic citations much easier).A single-user license is priced at only $59.95. Education discounts are available. A 30-day, full-featured, free trial version can be downloaded at http://www.internet-research-toolbar.com. Flash demos covering all major toolbar functions are viewable on the Web site.

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