EZ-Clock is a Clock, Alarm Clock, Timer, Stop Watch, with moon phase.




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Description of EZ-Clock2:

EZ-Clock2, A Full-featured Travel/Desk/AlarmClock, with Moon Phase, Including A Count-Down &Count-Up Timer, and a very accurate Stop-Watch withActivities Log.Easy to use with BIG Digits, No stylus needed, justuse your finger if you want to, tap on BIG digits to set timer or alarm. Add a note to alarm or timer that pops up when alarm goes off. Choose from 8 different alarm sounds or no sound and screen flash for silent alarm. Alarm duration from 2 alerts to1 hour. Can be set to stay on to be an attractive desk-top clock. Includes 5 alarms all with days-of-the-week selectionability, choose the day or days of the week you want thechosen alarm to go off.SNOOZE Control in 5-Minutes, 10-Minutes, 20-Minutes,30-Minutes or One Hour. Compatible with PALM-OS 3.5 and up andPALM-OS 5.

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