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EE supports, syntax analysis of 32 languages, such as Pascal, VB, C++, HTML ... ,includes a powerful hex editor supports direct inserting and value tr



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Description of Extreme Editor:

Extreme Editor (abbr. EE) is a powerful text and hexadecimal files editor, it provides: Powerful syntax analysis of 32 languages. It supports syntax highlighting and identifiers auto listing. It supports Object Pascal, C++, BASIC, Perl, Java, JS, VBS ... almost anything you could think! A extreme hexadecimal editor provides editing of files in unlimited size, direct Inserting, Replacing and quick value translating. Editors all provides unlimited undoes, you can maximum do millions of undoes with the integrated editors. Import/Export plug-ins supported, you can even extra import/export functionalities your self! Compiling supported, compile your project with various compilers, some free compilers' list can be found on Extreme Softwares website. With this functionality, you can even implement preview function. A extendable library which is often updated by Extreme Softwares on our website. Auto Complete, Open File at Cursor and Execute at Cursor functionalities are all supported. A fully customizable tools gallery. you can get 2 useful tools along with this version of EE, and you can get various new tools on the our website. An unlimited clipboard, the size of the clipboard can be customized. A super-cool interface with OfficeXP theme and a new theme called - Stripes. It fully supports the new WindowsXP interface.

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