ECSync! is a powerful program for the synchronzation of folders and files on several computers.




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Description of ECSync!:

ECSync! synchronizes Folders and Files. ECSync! works on the same drive, on another drive or across a network. Works in both directions to ensure that all files are up to date. Can save source and target locations plus all options in profiles. Can synchronize a saved profile with one click automatically. Creates shortcuts of profiles to synchronize files by only one double click on the shortcut or putting the shortcut in Scheduled Tasks for frequent synchronization. Makes exact copies of folders for backup and archive purposes. Can also be used as a briefcase and transport the data between two unconnected machines using any movable media. Keeps all your computers and disks up to date. Synchronizes your notebook with your Desktop. Synchronizes files within a work or project team. Transfers files between your office, home and your notebook Computers. Backups your day's work and transfers data between Computers. Writes information about errors to a log file. May be adapted to different languages easily.

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