doQuments Enterprise Edition

doQuments Enterprise Edition is a secure document management system designed for organizations which need to manage a very large volume of documents.




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Description of doQuments Enterprise Edition:

doQuments Enterprise Edition is a document management system designed for the organizations which need to manage a large volume of paper and electronic documents. It is the most feature packed, powerful and secure edition of doQuments.

doQuments Enterprise Edition¡¯s ease of use and minimal training requirements mean that you can start managing your documents just minutes after installing it! It features tools which enable rapid addition of documents to the database and allows a large amount of indexing information to be stored along with each document. Features like parameterized queries ensure that you can locate the documents you need with just a few clicks.

doQuments Enterprise Edition supports both MS Access and MS SQL Server based doQuments DBs. The comprehensive security framework provides you with the power and flexibility to control access to the documents and their indexing data on a per user basis. In fact you can easily control access to almost any doQuments feature.

doQuments provides a simple, flexible and proven solution for your organization¡¯s document management needs.

Save the time and effort your organization spends filing and searching for documents. Make sure that your every document is just a click away! Get doQuments now!

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