Delta Mail

A very small and fast e-mail client.




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Description of Delta Mail:

Delta Mail is a very small, fast and secure e-mail client. One of the main reasons for its security is that it allows you to either disable the display of HTML messages or set the program to prompt you before displaying such messages. This may be necessary because HTML messages are often used by e-mail viruses to automatically run attachments. Delta Mail is designed to be portable so it does not require installation and is very easy to use on computers which don't have your e-mail account set up. It is also ideal as a LAN e-mail solution because it can automatically encrypt all outgoing messages (including the subject line and any attachments) using very powerful encryption (256 bit symmetric Blowfish algorithm) which does not require the use of digital IDs. Delta Mail features support for multiple e-mail accounts, file attachments and printing, an address book and account manager, the ability to queue e-mails in an outbox, remove message indentation, search for e-mails, display messages in any font and view/download/delete e-mails on the server.

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