Browsing through multiple databases at a time has never been easier (or possible for that matter). This explorer-like tool will let you seamlessly wan




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Description of DBSchemaExplorer:

DBSchemaExplorer is an ODBC database utility that allows you to browse through the structures of multiple databases at a time.

Any database accessible from your machine through ODBC can be used, and there is no limitation on the number of databases you can explore simultaneously.

DBSchemaExplorer will retrieve all the objects available on the databases either when you log on to the database, or when you access them for the first time based on your setups.

DBSchemaExplorer comes with an automatic refresh feature that allows you to leave DBSchemaExplorer open for as long as you want, but still ensure you are always looking at the latest structures within the database.

It also comes with a search feature that can search for strings, i.e. table names, sequences, columns, indexes and others in one specific database or accross all selected databases.

DBSchemaExplorer also has the capability of generating and printing reports that include the structural definition of the objects, their indexes, primary and foreign keys.

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