Data Alignment between Access, Excel and MySQL Databases




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Description of dbCOPY:

Data Alignment between Access, Excel and MySQL Databases

The program allows for a data alignement of complete tables as well as individual fields between the database Microsoft Access, Excel and MySQL. As a special feature the data may be copied in all 4 directions:
from Access to MySQL ; from MySQL to Access ; from Access to Access ; from MySQL to MySQL
Additional Export from Excel:
from Excel to MySQL ; from Excel to Access
By means of a comfortable configuration wizard you arrange one time the fields and tables of a database to be copied and store the configuration.
By this recurrent data alignments, e.g. for the upload of shopping data or whole catalogue contents, may be started by pressing a button at any time.
Support of MS Access from version 97 ; Support of MS Excel from version 95 ; Support of MySQL from version 3.2x ; Copying whole tables ; Data alignment of individual fields ; Copying password-protected Access databases ; Configuration Wizard (progressive configuration) ; Storing profiles ; Logfile ; Easy installation by means of a set-up program
Win 2000/XP

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