DBA's Generic SQL Query Builder

Native Language SQL Query Editor, Builder and Analyser. Also allowing for editing of result data.




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Description of DBA's Generic SQL Query Builder:

This tool is wonderful for creating and executing native SQL queries against SQL Server, Sybase, Interbase, Firebird, Oracle, Informix, PostgresSql, MySQL and ODBC data sources. Using direct native connections, it is very fast. It allows the user to have very quick login access to the database and displays a list of the tables available in the database.

This tool is intended specifically for developers and database administrators who needs to run manual queries on a database and use the resulting data in a real-world scenario. The result may be edited directly (Even for COMPLEX queries!) or emailed or printed or exported to Excel or Text. Queries are created using manual SQL statements or an intuitive Query Builder.

You need to have the native client driver to access the database installed on the machine where this tool will be used. If all else fails, you may use ODBC to connect to the database. The tool displays a list of all tables in the database and you may simply click on a table to view the available fields or double click to create a query based on the table. You may have a multiple number of query windows open at th same time, making database analysis very simple.

NO MORE COMPLEX UPDATE QUERIES! You may edit the resulting dataset directly by clicking on the column header. The first click will set the primary keys, the second click will determine that the field is editable. This is probably the most powerful feature of this tool!

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