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Dashfly Minutes 2.0 Released! Keeps track of your voice minutes, text messages, and Internet usage! Free upgrades once purchased!




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Symbian OS

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Description of Dashfly Minutes:

Dashfly Minutes 2.0 Released and is Accurate from Day 1!
Receive free upgrades through the life of Dashfly Minutes! Now keep track of your wireless plan usage in real time the same way your service carrier does! Dashfly Minutes 2.0 displays accurate information on how many voice minutes, text messages as well as how much Internet data you have used since the beginning of your bill cycle. This information is accurate from the moment you download and install it! Our easy setup makes Dashfly Minutes 2.0 accurate for service plans worldwide. With Dashfly Minutes 2.0, you know exactly where you are in your current wireless plan at all times.Dashfly Minutes 2.0 features:Accurate tracking of your voice, text and Internet data usage the same way your service carrier does.
; Real-time estimation of over-usage charges.
; Features free numbers like customer service numbers, mobile to mobile, etc.
; Individual usage Log to show each time your mobile phone is used and to compare to your monthly bill.
; Ability to view previous month's usage to compare to your monthly bill.
; Easy New Setup that makes it available for Service Plans WORLDWIDE!
; And more...Dashfly Minutes 2.0 was designed to educate you on your monthly usage of your mobile phone. With this application you will not have to worry every time you receive your monthly bill about how much you will be paying in over-usage charges. This program is catered to many different service plans worldwide.

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