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Complete Online Administration for Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases!A 100% pure ASP solution enabling smart searches and full data editing capabilities with an easy to use HTML layout. Ideally suited for virtual host environmentsSearch and Edit all your Access and SQL Server databases online! This is what we are all about. Get an easy to use window your databases without writing and maintaining a lot of custom code. Here are some of the features of 1 Click DB Pro:Design Table and Field Structures. Access and SQL Server tables and fields can be added, removed and indexed with this program. One-to-Many and Many-To-One Foreign Key relationships can also be added using a simple interface. 100% Compatible with Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Upsize or downsize with ease. Our code libraries detect whether you are using a MS Access or a MS SQL Server database and automatically compensate for the differences. No Sessions Required. 1 Click DB has an option to pass connection information through QueryStrings instead of session variables reducing memory requirements and making ideal for deployment on multiple server configurations. Session or no-Session, the choice is yours. Automatic Master/Detail Display of Related Records. Our support for Foreign Key Relationships is top notch. View related records (even for muli-field keys) and use drop down boxes for data entry with no configuration required. 1 Click DB will automatically detect related tables and build the interface for you. Instantly Export Data to Excel, Text or XML. Browse and search results can be exported into three of the most popular formats around with a single click. Excel or custom COM components are not required on your web server to make use of this functionality. Full ADO Paging Support. Our browse forms automatically breaks up your results into manageable chunks for screen display. This dramatically improves response time for intensive queries. Enhanced Performance using Very Large Tables. We have introduced a special optimization in our ADO paging code that dramatically improves the Browse performance on very large database tables. We have used this tool to manipulate a SQL Server Table with 37 fields and over a million records on a midrange server with no problems !! Note that 1 Click DB's performance with your database will depend on many factors including query design and user load. Integrated Security. Rather than waste time reinventing the wheel, we have designed our code to integrate seemlessly with your existing database and web server security system. If extra customization is needed, the modular design of our code makes restricting access as easy as setting a few variables. Search using Filters or a Dynamic Query By Form. This tool not only generates a very functional advanced query screen, but users can also find data in specific fields using a less intimidating filter interface on the browse screen. We also have an automatic keyword searching interface supporting boolean AND, OR and NOT queries. Drill Down Queries. By clicking Show Drill Down on a browse form, you convert your result set into a dyanamic query grid. Click on any hyperlinked value and find all matching records. Sort on Any Field or Field Combination. Creating complex multi-column sorts is a no brainer with our Browse grid. Browse and Edit Table Indexes. Viewing the structure of tables also gives you a complete index list. These are nicely formatted even for multi-column definitions. No More Uploading Access Files for Updates! When you are using SQL Server you might be able to use Enterprise Manager to make quick updates to your database. But what do you do if it is an Access file or you are using a Mac or you don't have Enterprise Manager ? We suggest you try our program. Elegant Display of Data Update Errors. A well designed database usually has a number of validation and integrity rules defined at the server. When triggered, these messages are presented to the user in a friendly manner and fields are automatically flagged on screen for inspection. 100% Pure ASP Solution. Installation is as easy as unzipping our files into a directory on your webserver. No third party or custom components are required for full functionality. No Client Java, JavaScript, Plug-ins, or Active-X required. As a pure ASP/ADO/HTML solution we have worked to make this one very compatible program. This program offers functionality in any browser. No Cookie Security Options. If for some reason your browser does not accept cookies you will still have no problem connecting to your databases. Our program can automatically detect this condition and use query string instead. Note that Database Design features and the optional tree menu do require session cookies to be enabled. No Cross-Site Scripting Allowed. It is a common problem for programs of this sort to be vulnerable to security issues from user entered <script> blocks being displayed. All display of user entered data is HTMLEncoded on this program for your safety. Supports All Connection Types. Full support for OLEDB, ODBC, System DSNs, User DSNs or any other connection method. Login Information can either be included in your connect string or passed as separate variables. Plus we make it easy for you to create your own DSN-less connections by just entering in a few form values. There is no need to waste time looking up arcane connection string syntax for most applications. Browse Custom Queries. This tool does not restrict you to just browsing your already defined tables and queries. Custom views including complex joins and group bys are no problem. Full Data Provider Details. Our detailed schema view gives you a complete overview of the properties of your OLEDB or ODBC database provider. Information on your Scripting Engine and CGI Enrvironment are also available. Customizable Design. The layout is encapsulated in a few include files and a stylesheet. It is easy to adjust these to display your colors, your logo and your message. Run SQL DDL and Action Commands. The SQLCommander feature is your window into ad hoc administration of your database, with no extra restriction. Suitable for Framing or Scripting. Our software can be run in different compatibility modes so you are not locked into using our framesets or forced to use JavaScript features that may interfere with your existing code base.

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