Addictive Pacman-style arcade with bright graphics and high-quality music.




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Description of Chubby:

Chubby is a new incredibly addictive Pacman-style arcade game that gives a new twist to the good old ¡°collect the gems and don¡¯t let yourself be eaten by evil monsters¡± concept known since the times of first coin-operated arcades. Chubby carefully preserves the nostalgic atmosphere of first arcade games while bringing the graphics and sound quality to the entirely new level. The game is based on the Pacman and Bomberman concepts, but it is not a clone of either: Chubby has its own unique look and feel. The game significantly extends the classic gameplay concepts by adding new features such as passable walls, more intelligent monsters (including the truly intelligent ones that are extremely hard to escape), new arms and new bonuses. The action takes place in 4 different worlds and the total number of levels is 25.

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