Blitz Virtual Machine (commercial license)

A virtual machine for use with the BlitzBasic language. Works with Blitz3D and BlitzPlus.




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Description of Blitz Virtual Machine (commercial license):

BVM is a virtual machine for Blitz3D/BlitzPlus. It is packed with a compiler that generates bytecode modules that are then executed by the virtual machine. It comes in the form of a DLL and the accompanying BlitzBasic source code.Now in Blitz you can : ; Make portable code that can even be sent over the net at runtime. ; Make Blitz Basic-based interpreters embeded in your game. ; Do modular programming by importing other modules without any need of having their source code. ; Use a "plugin oriented" architecture that will let users create MODs for your game.All that and more with only a few lines of code, and with the benefits of using normal Blitz Basic code rather than a proprietary language.

There are 2 kinds of End User Licence Agreement for BVM, which correspond to 2 different orders on ShareIt:- The independant developper license. It allows you to use BVM to write freewares and sharewares applications that you distribute by yourself as an independant developper.- The commercial license. It allows you to use BVM to write commercial applications (commonly distributed by a software publisher).If you already own the independant developper license, you can at any time upgrade to the commercial license.Note: To take advantage of BVM you must own either Blitz3D or BlitzPlus. It is NOT meant as a replacement for the standard Blitz compiler, but comes in addition.

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