ALLCheckGT is a Easy and Fun to Operate CheckBook Management Tool in Pure Java




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Description of ALLCheckGT.jar:

ALLCheckGT will operate flawlessly on any operating system with a Sun MicroSystems JRE (Java RunTime Enviroment), which may be obtained free of charge at "" Please place ALLCheckGT in a new Folder in root directory usually "C:ALLCheckGT" as it Creates, Reads From, and Writes to Six(6) files in the Directory/Folder in which it is Placed. Otherwise it is "SandBoxed" running in the "JRE" and very safe for your Computer and contains no errors or bugs. The Six(6)files may be easily edited with a simple text editor. They are ("BalList.txt, DatList.txt, DepList.txt, DepNumL.txt, NumList.txt and Witlist.txt"). Restart after creating New Folder Before installing ALLCheckGT unless there is an Auto-Installer plainly visible.

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