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Advertise With Pleasure! (AWP) version 3.0 PRO is a Banner Advertisement package that is easy to use and will simplify your banner campaign.




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Description of Advertise With Pleasure PRO:

Some Features of AWP v3.0 PRO:Easy to install; Low cost; Pretty administrative interface; Smart & Easy to use interface; Don't need SSI; Customizable output such as font size, border size, target frame, etc.; Password protected Administration area; Complete Statistics on impressions, click thrus, Click Thru Ratio's, and impressions left.; Browser uploading for banner ad graphics with file type and size checking (i.e. GIF image at 468x60); Support following banner formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, RPM, MOV, Java, Flash, Text and HTML; You may setup title, status text & text below image of banners; Multibanner support. Each banner group can has own dimensions, weights for banners.; Manage advertise zones; The default Banner Exchange ad automatically replaces any missing banners in the rotation; User can choose banners what will be shown on his site; Full control on script variables via WEB-form; TextExchange feature: Just-text-ads exchange. Has tickerline style.; Tracking stats in your local time measuring; Automatic rotation of banner ads; And many other features...!

System Requirements:UNIX or Windows NT/2000/XP; Perl; mySQL

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