The complete IDE for creating and managing databases from SQL scripts, including macro preprocessor, syntax-oriented editor, schema decompiler/synchro




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Description of Adept SQL Workshop - PERSONAL LICENSE:

Adept SQL Workshop is an IDE for professional database developers whichsmoothly integrates:
SQL-oriented text editor,; macro preprocessor,; DDL compilation into internal schema model,; schema synchronization,; schema decompiler,; SQL debugger,; MS Visual SourceSafe support
Adept SQL Workshop provides you with the most efficient environment fordatabase schema development and management by keeping the structure of yourdatabase in a set of well-structured, readable, reusable andRDBMS-independent SQL scripts. A unique schema matching engine generates theminimal non-destructive SQL for any schema changes you do in the sourcescripts, providing for easy schema synchronization.
The current version supports MS SQL Server only, support for other RDMSis planned.

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