additional suite Embest IDE for ARM

additional suite Embest IDE for ARM




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Description of additional suite Embest IDE for ARM:

EmbestIDE is an Integrated Development Environment for software cross-development. The EmbestIDE is an application that provides a simple and versatile graphical user interface and tools for developing embedded software. It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that facilitates managing and building projects, establishing and managing host-target communication, running and debugging applications. It provides an efficient way for developing embedded applications. EmbestIDE comprises the following elements : * An integrated source-code editor.* A project management facility.* Integrated C and ASM compilers and linker.* a source-level debugger.* an integrated development environment.* an ARM simulator EmbestIDE uses host-target cross model for developing embedded applications. EmbestIDE runs on a host computer. Your target board is connected to the host computer through debug device (JTAG Emulator). You can edit and build your projects on the host, and create a target executable file with EmbestIDE. Download the target file to the target, and then use EmbestIDE debugger to debug it through the communication of debug device connected between the host computer and the target board. When you use EmbestIDE for ARM, a debug device Embest JTAG Emulator is provided. Embest JTAG Emulator has a Parallel port connecting to the Computers parallel port, and a JTAG interface connecting to the target system. Completely non-intrusive, the Embest JTAG Emulator controller communicates with the ARM CPU core via JTAG using the boundary scan pins. It uses no target memory and requires no porting to the target system. You can control target processor completely with Embest JTAG Emulator. It means you can start, stop and single-step execution; read from and write to registers, memory, and system I/O; and download code to target RAM. Embest JTAG Emulator greatly speeds up the download of code to facilitate your test and debug efforts. Embest JTAG Emulator is ready to run with EmbestIDE and any development board that supports a JTAG interface to the ARM core. This combination of tools is designed to work together thereby providing you with a powerful working environment. The Emulator provides four LEDs that show the operational status, labelled P/A/B/C. LED P is power indicator. LED A and B indicate the data transmission between host pc and target CPU. LED C is connection indicator.

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