Access Finder (Multiple MDB-databases manager)

Saves time and money if you are dealing with multipleMS Access databases.




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Description of Access Finder (Multiple MDB-databases manager):

Access Finder: manage multiple Access MDB-files. Hi!

I wrote this application when I've lost track of all my MDB-files and tables.When my analyst came and said something like that: "I don't remember whenwe did that and have no idea about table name but please scrub these old57k records against 81k table. Or maybe you could find this old query thatreturned approximately 122k records?"
But now I am less afraid of such requestsbecause I simply show him all our 2158 tables located in 86 databases,sort this list by number of records and here we are.

Access Finder is not a next killer app we all are waiting for to revive IT industry but it saves a lot of time if you are dealing with multipleMS Access databases. No nonsense features. Simple, practical, saves time and money. Select disk or folder to scan for *.MDB and *.MDE files. Access Finder will find all Access databases (including sub-folders). You can work with result as with any Access table i.e. sort, filter, search etc. Scan Access databases to gather information about their tables and queries. Count record numbers in all selected tables and queries. This is a great feature that allows finding tables by number of records. Table will be found even if you remember record count just approximately. Instantly open any table from any database. Or open the entire database. Access 2000: Download free fully functional trial now!(approx. 50k zip-file)

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