A Planet.Sentry

A 53 bit encryption device. It will encrypt any type or size file. Password protected.




$15 (USD)


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Description of A Planet.Sentry:

Many people are under the misconception that what they see, hear and send across the Internet is secure – this is NOT true. From the moment you enter an URL, send an email, any function done on the Internet, there is the possibility that any number of people could intercept the transmission. How do you combat this problem ? With Planet.Sentry, of course !!!Planet.Sentry provides the defense you netizens need, via its fast and easy to use proprietary encryption system. Planet.Sentry will protect any type of data, email attachments, local and remote files. Whichever way you choose to look at it, Planet.Sentry is your best choice for data security.Always two full, unlocked versions for the price of one.

Innovators.com ALWAYS gives two copies of this product for the price of one!
This means you will receive twice as many license codes as you order -ALWAYS!

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