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Program your own A.I. Tank and put it into a battle simulator! It's a great way to learn programming basics or test your skills as a seasoned programm




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Description of A.I. Wars (Armor Commander) - Single Full Registered Version:

A.I. Wars (Armor Commander) is the second game in the A.I. Wars Series which stresses team (Army) battles. In Armor Commander your A.I. agent is a tank.A.I. Wars (Armor Commander) allows you to develop the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of an tank like mechanized unit. Once you have developed your A.I. to the point that you think it can hold it's own in battle you can then plop it into a battle simulation and see if it can survive! A.I. Wars uses an easy to learn but hard to master A.I. command language that allows you to script out every possible decision for your unit. The A.I. files that you create can be password protected and saved as encrypted ASCII text files. This makes it easy to trade your A.I. files with other players via E-Mail, WWW and FTP etc... This game forces your logic skills to the limit and it's a neat way to develop programming skills even for people who've never programmed before!A.I. Wars (Armor Commander) comes with several exciting battle arena's. The A.I. Units come fully loaded with scanners, shields, sensors, energy cells, mines, grenades, fuel, ammo, missiles and even a self destruct mechanism for those really sticky situations!

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