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xIDS Web Log Analyser makes Intrusion Detection & Aanalysis for web logs easy. Simply define your log file format using the built in wizard, select yo




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Description of xIDS Web Log Analyser:

Network Security Administrators will agree that manually scanning web server logs for intrusion attemps is time consuming and not a loved task, not to mention small details that can so easily be missed.See who's knocking on your web server's front door and what they are up to. This tool was initially written as a Intrusion Detection Scanner, but can just as easily be adapted to act as a server error scanner (Showing you all those HTTP 500/505 error pages) or page lookup/usage statistics builder. - Analyse Single or Multiple Log files - Filter/Manipulate results allowing you to track intruders & vulnerabilities - Detailed HTML reports by Referrer/Target/Data/Response and more... - Automatic graph generation to reveal repeat offenses - Flexible Log Definition Wizard - Internal Rules Manager allowing yuo to Add/Edit/Remove, Enable/Disable Rules - Mailing/Printing of reports - WHOIS Lookup on referrers - Automated WHOIS Server maintenance - Reverse lookup on IP's to reveal host names - Trace route referrer IP's - Compatible with SNORT Rule files

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