Wicked's Web Pal

Wicked's Web Pal is your Best Pal for everything to do with Internet. Wicked's Web Pal contains a mini web browser, html editor, advance search engine




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Wicked's Web Pal:

Wicked's Web Pal consists of a built in Web Viewer, Advance search engine to search any search engine website directly. A seperate addon is downloadable using Wicked's Download manager for you to add a list of more than 10 major search engines to the program, allowing you to search them by just a click of mouse. Wicked's Net Author allows you to code your own webpage with ease using auto-complete and with colour coding. In case of power failure or machine failure while you are working on your webpage, you can easily restore your webpage to the point when your computer fails. Wicked's Lazy typer provide you mixed functions from both notepad and wordpad, allowing you use one program for both jobs. Wicked's System Locker allows you to lock your computer with a press of a button to prevent intruders from viewing your work or using your computer while you are away. Also, invalid attempts and the time the attempt is made will be recorded clearly on the background for all to see.

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