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Description of Who's Calling:

Who's Calling is Windows 95+ caller ID software. It is very user friendlyand has many user definable properties. All cid data strings are user definablewhich means that the software can be used in any country.Requirements:- A modem that supports caller ID. A caller ID service on your telephone line. Windows 95 or greater. 486dx-100 or greater 16 meg ram or greater. A windows compatable soundcard (Optional)How Who's Calling works:- Who's Calling stores your phone numbers in a phonebook database and upon matching an incoming phonenumber or name with a number or name in your phonebook alerts you as to the callers identity.Who's Calling can get your attention in various ways:- It can display a flashing banner of incoming caller details on your monitor, play individual sound files for every phonebook entry, Pop up a floating user quick info page on identified callers, Bring up status screens on incoming calls, Send you email or winpopup messages to your lan.A few features of Who's Calling are:- An external phonebook viewer/editor. Floating toolbar and smaller status screen so you don't need the main program taking up your desktop space. Full featured selectable call and program logging. Imports Eudora Mailer addressbooks. Imports and exports MSOutlook addressbooks. Handles your dial up networking connections by automatically stopping and starting monitoring when connecting and disconnecting. Can run external programs such as hyperterm by automatically stopping and starting monitoring when opening and closing external programs. An internal phone dialer. Saves records of incoming calls so you will never again suffer from lost business or information. Assign individual sound files to each phonebook record which can be played to alert you to the callers identity. Pop up a floating caller info page whenever a callers indentity is established.

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