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Description of WebClick:

This program allows the user to surf the web automatically and perform mouse movements/clicks at the same time. It is for educational purposes only and I hold no responsibility for any mis-use of this product. The reason I am stating this is that I found out that some people are using this software to bring in profits from Affiliate Programs, Start Page Exchanges and Internet Game Playing. Such inappropriate use of AutoSurf is not endorsed or condoned. It is the responsibility of the individual to use this software legally.

Below is a list of program features:
- Unlimited step-by-step mouse movements and clicks.

- OnTop window feature.

- Ability to save inputed data.

- Ability to load saved data.

- Global mouse click detection enables user to record X,Y clicks.

- Visible track of Mouse moved X,Y Co-ordinates.

- Simple Easy-to-use GUI Interface.

- Ability to specify Left or Right click for each step.

- Automatically surf the web - Opens a browser to a user-defined web address.

- Program remembers up to 10 web addresses that user has previously surfed.

- Displays a counter to show many times browser has opened.

- GoHome option to force browser to open its home page while auto surfing.

- Define how long in seconds each browser will stay open for - can even specify it to be random!

- Ability to specify whether or not the web page (along with any of its child pages) closes before opening another internet explorer window.

- Make WebClick run on startup of your windows operating system.

- Shortcut keys for faster access to particular operations within the program.

- Scrollable List Interface - when there are many mouse operational steps than this is enabled so user can easily scroll through all input actions.

- Repeat option so mouse actions added to list will run on forever.

- Ability to stop the mouse movements at any time just by pressing a key.

- Help bar that explains what each components purpose is.

- Error log option for easy error reporting - records to a text file in WebClick directory.

- Nice little Setup program that will enable users to launch their WebClick program in no time

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