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Analyses the particular type! Numerology, Biorhythm, Psychology...




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Analyses the particular type!It is our concept, deceases esoteric like also scientific topics in a software to combine tries. for you it originates the advantage that you must only install a software and different evaluations like Numerology, psychology, Biorhythm etc directly together can compare.Numerology:Over 15 singles-analyses with over 100 A4-pages texts partner-analyses with over 20 A4-pages texts group-analysis for example with 6 persons over 16 pages A4 texts graphic representation of the numbers, uniquely, original title-leaves to each topic European like also American calculation of the values analyses after Pythagoras is also possible, arrows (life-plan...)Biorhythm:Singles-analyses with the four curves like bodies -, is possibly souls -, spirit - and intuitively-curve. average-values is also sundries graphic representations of the curves obvious graphic like also tabular opinions calculation of Bioyear, Bioday with textual analysis partner-analyses with additional agreementcalculation group-analyses with unique graphic representation with the expression. statistical module for particular analyses for pros Originelle title-leaves to each topicPsychology:Personality-test 1 comprises 4 tests with 190 questions personality-test 2 comprises 40 tests with 846 questions and subsequent character-index analysis. Single-tests comprises 85 tests with altogether 1582 questions in all topics the human being around. unique graphic representation with the printing (psycho-gram) original title-leaves to each topicPersonality data base:Over 5'100 fames with their personal data.

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