Topic-Mapper? Standard for Microsoft? Office

Topic-Mapper? Standard is a nice Product to find your MS-Office Documents in no Time! Please take a look at this wonderfull Programm.




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Description of Topic-Mapper? Standard for Microsoft? Office:

The times of frustrating searching for your documents are past.

semantic system ag offers you the Topic-Mapper?, a brand new intelligent and semantic working, searching machine. You are enabled to find your documents content orientated and also then, if you do not remember spe-cifically names or key words. Just key in some words about the content you think should be in the document and the system will offer you a selection. Topic-Mapper?, your intelligent ghost, which is your personal and spontane-ous assistant in searching and finding any document.

Connect Office with Topic-Mapper? and than just use office as normally, save your docu-ments and Topic-Mapper? knows all about the content in each new document.

Find all documents easily and fast, no matter where stored on your pc.

¡¤ I know, somewhere I had this docu-ment with this content, but where?

¡¤ Didn¡¯t I have a document with simi-lar content? There was a other manual or book same type of con-tent.

¡¤ II just like to save all my documents and my archiving system will find all documents instantly.

The Topic-Mapper? watches automatically and self-controlled over all your documents, so you just write and save, Topic-Mapper? will pull immediately all requested information or documents as soon as you call for it.

After the installtion of the Topic Mapper, the software is supervising a certain folder (active folder). If now a new MS Office document is saved to this folder, the Topic Mapper? will take automaticaly the content of this file into his mind. A copy of the original document will be saved to the (output-folder).

Search and Find

Easy and fast retrieval of any documents with two different and very innovative methods.

a) Intelligent Full Text Retrieval

Since Topic-Mapper? knows all words existing in all documents, Topic-Mapper? immediately starts completing any word after operator keys in the first letter. When start keying in first letter next word Topic-Mapper completes also this word by offering all existing words in the same document than the first word. In this case operator finds after minimal number of clicks any document precise and fast.

b) Intelligent semantic Retrieval

Key in or clip any short content or words which shall be in a document. Topic-Mapper? will retrieve all documents which contain, simi-lar content than the selected words from the input. Topic-Mapper? will offer all documents which are semantically close to the input pattern, including spontaneous assistive content search and wordings.

Language independent

Topic-Mapper? works with all languages from Microsoft ASCII set (Western).

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