TK8 Safe

Where else would you keep your personal information? Keep your passwords, serial numbers etc. in one secure place!




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Description of TK8 Safe:

If you have passwords to use and to remember then you have found a solution to make your life much easier! No matter how much passwords you have, no matter are you a beginner or a professional. With TK8 Safe you can keep your passwords, PINs, secret notes, code cards, serial numbers and other sensitive information. Packed with useful easy-to-use features, TK8 Safe will keep your secret information in one, highly encrypted file (with unlimited records and categories). You will never loose any account information and using your data is easy - just click a mouse and you are logged in! In the same time, strangers have no chance to access your private information any more. The only thing you have to do for this is to start using TK8 Safe.

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