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TiffSSPC v2.0 - Advanced Workflow Solution, can split, view, edit, process, and compile one or a group of Tiff Files, easy to use interface!




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Description of TiffSSPC v2.0:

TiffSSPC from Brainchild Technologies is the ideal workflow solution for processing multi-page Tiff files, incorporating splitting, viewing, editing, and compiling. It allows you to process files quickly and with little effort, and can slot into your existing Document Management system, as follows:

With the array of automated Fax Servers, and Scanners on the market, you often get images that are the wrong way round, in the wrong order, and in some cases small items have been faxed, which leaves a small image on part of a A4 sized image. What if you you could find a way of tidying these images up before they are stored in your archive system, or other such device.

With TiffSSPC you can do exactly that - Split: Advanced Splitting Module Splits out one Multi-page file into Single files named 00000001.tif and so on, or a folder of multi page files into single page files named Filename-000001.tif and so on. View: Excellent Image Display allows you to easily and simply view the images, and also apply various zoom methods, including Best Fit, Fit to Height or Width. Edit: Once displayed, there are many options for editing the image, including Rotation and Crop, and also Save part of the image as a New File. There is also procedures that allow you to reorder the images before compilation. Compile: Advanced Compilation Module which allows you to compile a group of files, defined by checkboxes that allow you select only the images you want, or compile all the files in the Temp folder

TiffSSPC is a one stop workflow solution that incorporates the Split module of Tiff Split, the Compile Module in Tiff Compile, with additional Image Viewing and editing capabilities. The Split and Compile portions are fast, and the extra tools make it very easy for your to edit, alter, recompile, and generally tidy up multi-page files that have been sent to you and your company, make separate smaller files from one big one, and much more.

Restrictions: This application requires "Windows Imaging" to be pre-installed. Wang Imaging for Windows 95/NT, or Kodak Imaging for Windows 98/ME/2000, these come with the Windows operating system. This is a restricted demo version that will timeout after 14 days, after which you will need to purchase the full version, which has no restrictions, if you wish to continue using this product.

Important Note to Windows XP Users: This application is NOT supported under Windows XP, as it has not been proven to work. Windows XP users may experience problems running this application.

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