Tiff Splitter ActiveX (ocx) control

Tiff Splitter (OCX) ActiveX control for use within your own programs




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Description of Tiff Splitter ActiveX (ocx) control:

Our ActiveX (ocx) control you can be used within your own applications to split multi-page tiff files into single page tiffs. It works in a similar way to the full application. You simply pass it the name of the multi-page tiff file to split and also pass it the drivepathfolder to split the files into. The ocx will create the output path if it does not exist. It will then create a folder named the same as the multi-page tiff file, and it will then split all pages of the multi-page tiff file into the named folder as single page tiffs. Now tiff splitting can truly become an integral part of your own application. For those of you who wish to distribute any applications that you create using our ActiveX control, there will be a small licence fee to pay to us for each one distributed. Distribution licences are provided via personal quotation only.

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