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Description of Tiff Batch Separation and Multi-page Compiler:

Batch Separation & Multi-page Tiff file CompilationThis software allows the user to select a top level folder which contains many subfolders, which in turn contain many single page tiff files, and automatically detect the batch separator that has been scanned between each batch of pages that form each document.How to Prepare and Scan your documents for use with this softwarePreparation is the key to successful operation of this software. Ensure that you place a blank A4 sheet of paper in-between files to denote the end of one file and the begininng of another. You must also ensure that you have no other blank pages within each file, as the software is specifically looking for files that are below a certain number of bytes in size to determine the start of each document.Modes of OperationWith the checkbox UNCHECKED the software simply renames all files starting with the separation sheets, e.g., HS00000000-000.tif and then the subsequent pages of the file, e.g.HS00000000-000.TIFHS00000000-001.TIFHS00000000-002.TIFHS00000001-000.TIFHS00000001-001.TIFHS00000001-002.TIF ETC..With the checkbox CHECKED the software performs the above process and then compiles each of the documents into multi-page tiff files, and deletes the blank page separator sheets.SetupSetup requirements are minimal. Simply determine the maximum size in bytes that your blank separation sheets will be and enter this number into the edit box. The program will then recognize separator sheets if their file sizes are smaller than the bytes that you entered into the edit box.

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