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Real Estate Investment Analyzer providing comprehensive life-cycle projections of commercial and residential income properties.




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Description of The Real Estate Geek:

More than just another PDA application emulating the functions of a financial calculator... the Real Estate Geek takes the next step and generates integrated analysis scenarios... the mobile equivalent of complex pro forma worksheets. Get the whole investment picture -- not just bits and pieces. Easily, quickly, and best of all... on your Palm PDA.

Powerful and Portable Real Estate software designed for:Investors & Developers; Residential & Commercial Brokers; Lenders & Mortgage Brokers; Appraisers & Assessors; Accountants; Attorneys; ConsultantsThe Real Estate Geek uses a standard and widely accepted investment valuation technique which evaluates cash flows generated by an investment, then generates measures of investment quality.

You InputPurchase Requirements; Financing Scenario; Projected Income & Expense with Escalation Assumptions; Resale AssumptionsTap the Analysis button and the Real Estate Geek automatically generates:Annual Income Streams; Annual Cash Flows; Measures of Investment Quality, including Debt Coverage Ratios, Cap Rates, Cash on Cash Return, Operating Expense Ratios, IRR and MIRR; Estimation of Return and Tax Burden upon ResaleFeatures:Easy to Use & Easy to Navigate Input Screens; Financing and Refinancing Scenarios using up to 5 Mortgage Definitions, including support for Canadian financing.; Store Descriptive Property Information, such as location, square footage, acreage and zoning, in addition to financial data; Pop-up Calculator - Make quick calculations without exiting the Real Estate Geek, then paste the results directly into the Input form; Multiple Currency Display; Share information by beaming to other PDAs, or through the Palm Desktop; MS Excel interface and worksheet template for publishing and customizing investment evaluation reports (not available with trial version)

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