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Simplifies the implementation of the ISO standards with document control, Corrective/Preventive action, Internal Audit and much more.




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Description of The Best Quality Control ISO:

The Best Quality Control 5.3 ISO 9000:2000 for: Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98 and 95. ¡ã This software was designed according to the ISO 9001 Standard, but due to its flexibility, can be used to implement other standards like ISO 9004, ISO 14000, and ISO 18000, or simply to manage and control the documents and records of any organization. ¡ã In its most basic form, The ISO 9001 Quality Management System requires that the organization accomplish the following:- Determine product and service requirements.- Identify the organization processes and provide resources to operate, monitor, and measure these processes.- Have a Documented Quality System: Quality Policy and objectives, Quality Manual, documented Procedures required by the ISO, documents needed by the organization, and records required by the ISO and the organization.- Conduct Internal Audits at planned intervals to determine whether the Quality Management System conforms to the requirements of the ISO and to the Quality Management System requirements established by the organization.- Identify and eliminate the causes of nonconformities or potential nonconformities with Corrective and Preventive Actions. Make sure that these actions are carried out and that they work, keeping records of them, and making the necessary following up.The Best Quality Control ISO 9000:2000 has been designed to facilitate the management and implementation of these functions.

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