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Description of Texter:

The aim of Texter is to provide you with an extremely fast way to Copy/Paste text by using the Function keys.

For example:press F6 to copy data to the 1st extra-clipboard; press F7 to copy data to the 2nd extra-clipboard; press F8 to copy data to the 3rd extra-clipboard; press F9 to paste data from the 1st extra-clipboard; press F10 to paste data from the 2nd extra-clipboard; press F11 to paste data from the 3rd extra-clipboardShows every extra-clipboard's content the whole time for easy reference.
The stored data are saved even after program's shutdown until you erase them.

Texter can be used with any program: Word processors, web browsers, programming tools...
All these features are available from any program's window as long as Texter is active in the task bar.

Soon, you will master the Search/Replace operation!

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