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Description of teGalleryMaker:

teGalleryMaker was developed for small to medium art galleries and art and craft stores and related businesses who want to have a cost effective way to create a website to sell their products online.Art and craft sellers have a fast changing inventory of products and must update their website frequently.

teGalleryMaker is an application that runs on the vendors office PC. It maintains a database of all products at offer at the vendors website. It automatically generates a comprehensive website with full e-commerce capabilities such as shopping list, order form and order confirmation forms. It also handles all incoming online orders and the resulting e-mail communication with the customer with its orders and customers database. Payment information for incoming orders is securely encrypted.

You do not need to know anything about website design or HTML programming. All you need is to enter the information about your products and import photos or images of your products, select layout options and teGalleryMaker will do the rest for you. You can style your website with background colors and images and select fonts and colors for buttons and text elements.

teGalleryMaker will even optimize the size and resolution of images that you import to make them fast loading on your website.

teGalleryMaker generates your website on your local PC first. You can inspect and try all options within the website before you decide to publish the site. teGalleryMaker has a build in FTP client that automates uploading of your website to your internet service provider. If you make changes to your website only the changed items will be uploaded or removed respectively.

Cost effective all in one e-commerce solution and web creation solution. ; Get your first e-commerce website up and running in a under a day! ; Automatic ultra fast website generation ; Products database ; Categorize products ; Artist roster ; Customer database ; Orders database ; Test website on your local PC, then publish on the internet ; No need to learn HTML web programming ; Highly customizable website layout ; Add and remove products easily ; Display and sell hundreds of products online ; Online shopping list and order form ; Receive online orders straight into the teGalleryMaker application ; Up to 10 images per product ; Jpeg, Gif, Animated Gif and Bitmap image import ; Automatic image optimization for fast web display ; Build in fast FTP Web Publishing Wizard, only changed items are uploaded to your website ; Build in e-mail order reception, processing and customer correspondence ; Runs on any web server, no costly web server based database or application installation required! ; All data maintained on your local PC ; Secure and encrypted online ordering ; Runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000 ; Website runs on Frame and JavaScript enabled browsers (Netscape and Microsoft IE-Explorer versions 4.0 and upwards) Visit a New Zealand art gallery site that is made and maintained by teGalleryMaker: WetaDesign

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