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Connect, coordinate and control hundreds of people in hundreds of projects in the intranet and web.




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Description of Team@Work Professional edition:

The aim of Team@Work is to bring to every participant in the business process the information for his tasks and to serve as a mediator among interacting collaborators. Team@Work is designed to provide information to everybody who needs it in a unified and easy way. It also processes the changes in business workflows automatically and eliminates communication difficulties with remote organization branches or external partners. Team@Work is focused on the daily work of each participant and his performance, independently from his position, role or location. At the same time Team@Work is a important tool designed to help managers to define, control and manage organization workflow process and to reduce the gap between workflow definition and workflow implementation.
Team@Work key benefitsstrongly focused on the individual user work and performance ; unlimited number of different users working simultaneously; low level user engagements concerning system processing ; accessed through local network or Internet (from anywhere at any time); multilingual support ; intuitive graphical tools for defining organization structure and workflow schemes; fast implementation of changes in the workflows ; unlimited number of workflow schemes maintained simultaneously ; common tasks and task management options ; monitoring working process in a real time ; unlimited number of simultaneously executed processes ; workflow variant schemes, ability to redirect project¡¯s flow ; seamless evolution of workflows and organization schemes; automatic adjustment of user interfaces to workflow changes ; access of external partners acting as normal users ; unproblematic work and integration with other informational systems; detailed management of user¡¯s rights ; high security access level ; low hardware requirements, working on different operational platforms; automatic installation, no need of additional administration

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