Tavrida Phone - 2 licenses and more

telephone dialer manager with phone book, international dialing codes and time zones database and full PBX (public branch exchange) support




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Description of Tavrida Phone - 2 licenses and more:

Tavrida Phone is a telephone dialer manager integrating your computer, modem and phone set into a singlepowerful system of communication suitable both for home and office use. It provides the following features:
you can dial phone numbers with the use of your modem and then talk with the other party through your standardphone set; additional dialing is possible at all stages of call - you can dial additional access code or answeron the request of the automatic phone system even when waiting for an answer or talking with the other party; manual dialing function emulating standard phone set is available: you can dial phone numbers in thereal time using keyboard or mouse manipulator - great for additional dialing during a call; long-distance and overseas calls are supported. 10 long-distance and 10 overseas configurationsare reserved - they contain the rules of dialing used by different phone operators (it is very convenient whenyou make calls through the several phone operators); dialing codes and time zones of the most countries and areas of the world are stored in the built-indatabase. So you can know the codes of the country and area simply entering their names. And what's also importantyou'll see their local time (you'll never get confused calling your business partner or friend when they are, forexample, sleeping). Database can be added/changed by user or updated from our page; 10 most frequently dialed numbers can be stored in the speed dialing list; phone book is available. The contacts in the phone book are grouped into 2 categories: personal contacts(friends, relatives, business partners, etc.) and services (police, banks, airline companies, etc.). Eachcontact contains all necessary information including up to 10 phone numbers, up to 6 important dates (birthday,wedding, professional holiday, etc.), address, email and web data. Phone book can be saved/loaded from disk, imported/exportedand printed; calendar of dates function uses the important dates data from the phone book to generate the list ofcoming dates (so you'll never forget to congratulate your parents or friends with their birthday). This list canbe shown automatically when starting Windows or Tavrida Phone if the nearest of the dates is comingwithin the specified period of time (for example, within a week); the outgoing and incoming calls can be logged into the journal; supports PBX (public branch exchange) systems: unlimited number of external lines, user-defined andbuilt-in PBX functions (such as Transfer call, Conference, etc.) and PBX programming from file; program icon in the system tray.

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