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Stuffed Tracker allows any web site that is using advertising to attract customers to track Return on Investment (ROI) statistics. Perl + MySQL.




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Description of Stuffed Tracker:

Stuffed Tracker is a powerful, yet simple to use, software product thatwas developed in order to facilitate Return on Investement statistics tracking.

Stuffed Tracker might be very useful for any site that uses advertising to attract visitors and that have some sort of ordering process (registration,selling products, etc). With the help of the Stuffed Tracker,the site owner can learn how many visitors that came from online advertising were converted into customers (i.e. registered, bought something, etc).

Stuffed Tracker is coded in Perl scripting language and uses MySQL powerfull database in the backend. The code is highly optimized to handle even very loadedsites. All output that Stuffed Tracker produces is built on templates, utilizing our own parsing technology. It means that *everything* can bechanged in the output to fit the unique design of your site.

In Stuffed Tracker, the code is completely separated from the content and the content is completely separated from the language. Any number of languages can be easily added to the product. Currently it supports English and Russian.

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