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Now you can send confidential documents via the Internet without worry - with Steganos Crypt & Go




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Description of Steganos Crypt & Go - Deutsche Version:

Show your partners that you take data security seriously - without forcing them to use any particular software.
Features:In just a few moments, you can create an encrypted, compressed Crypt & Go package with your sensitive documents and send it by e-mail; Thanks to compression, Crypt & Go packages are up to 95% smaller than the original files, saving time and money for e-mail transmission; The recipient requires no special software, because Crypt & Go packages decode themselves after the password is entered; If desired, your company logo, a custom message and a link to your homepage can be displayed: the perfect combination of branding and security; Your data are encrypted using the international AES standard (128 bit); Crypt & Go protects your data not only on its way across the Internet, but also on the recipient's PC; Easy to learn - no training required. Use Crypt & Go to make an effective marketing tool out of the "necessary evil" of IT security - without compromising the need for the most effective security

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