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By telephone(modem or ISDN) you gain a comfortable and complete access to Outlook address book, scheduler, e-mails. By text to speech...




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PhoneOffice is your mobile Office en route. By telephone you gain a comfortable and complete access to Outlook (MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Outlook Exchange) or Lotus Notes, access to address book, scheduler, e-mails. By text to speech all the informations are read by a selectable voice. Telephone service providers are making telephony cheaper. But there is no chance to use providers on public or hotel phones. The conference call abilities of PhoneOffice allow you to use providers even in hotel or from public phones. The range of features will be continuously enlargened, so that in the end your Phone Office will be an universal tool for Unified Messaging, telecommunication, informational services and PC-Control. What will be the next features (app. from November 2001): 1. Package Forwarding/Answering machine: Forwarding of telefaxes to a telefax number or to an e-mail address. A digital voice recorder will receive calls and - if wanted - forward the recorded calls to a preconfigured telephone number. But you will even be able to monitor the voice messages remotely by phone. 2. Package SMS: You will be advised by SMS if new appointments, new telefaxes, new e-mails are present. In addition to that, you can send SMS messages to any mobile phone you want directly from your Personal Computer.

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