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Internet-enabled contact manager with auto-dial




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Description of 1st Contact CD upgrade:

1st Contact is a simple to use, yet powerful contact manager with auto-dial, email and web capabilities.

The CD version is a single multi-use license which allows for multiple installations (up to 3) so you can use 1st Contact at home and at the office.

The CD upgrade allows you to upgrade to a single multi-use license if you have purchased a single license copy of 1st Contact in the past.

Holding over 65,000 contacts in both white and yellow pages, 1st Contact also has ten user-defined categories (choose one or all ten) so you can sort and display your contacts in as many ways as you can imagine. Enter personal and business information for each contact, including phone and fax numbers, email addresses and web URLs. ; Click on a contact in the contacts list and all the information about the contact is displayed in an easy to read and use page on the right. ; Click on a phone number to auto-dial it, click on an email address to send a Q-Note (email) or click on a web URL to start your default web-browser and connect to it. ; An extensive menu and tool bar (fully customizable) make managing your contacts a breeze. ; Can't find something? Use the Keyword Search and search all of 1st Contact, including the notes.; Going out of the office? Print out phone lists and contact info. ; Need to share your contact list with the whole office? 1st Contact is already network ready. Just install copies on every computer you wish to share data with, follow the tutorial (in the help files) to set up a multi-user system and everybody's got Aunt Millie's email address.
Speed, power and simplicity, but the best part is still that upgrades and tech support are free.

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