SQR-Runner 4 Pro (Single-User License)

Powerful and flexible SQR Development Environment for the Windows (tm) platformoffering integrated debugging. Please visit http://www.SQR-Runner.de




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Description of SQR-Runner 4 Pro (Single-User License):

The SQR Runner is an easy-to-use development environment for BRIO's Structured Query Report Writer (SQRW).
In a powerful environment you can edit multiple files with unlimited length, maintain multiple database logins, navigate in the source-code by clicking procedure-names or inside a treelike program-flow, variables, calls, includes or records.
SQR Runner introduces the first GUI-based integrated SQR debugger with conditional breakpoints, on-the-fly variable inspection, expressionevaluation and watches.Syntax-Highlighting, Auto Correction, Code Templates, Search-In-Files, PeopleTools 8 support, Running SQRs with one click, automatic check and display for error-lines in log-file, support of PeopleSoft repository for drag'n'drop of fieldnames into editor, context sensitive help for SQR commands as well as SQR-Runner itself, full online help, print preview... these are only some highlights offered to boost your productivity.

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