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Description of SQL Builder:

This ActiveX component allows user to compose queries to database in visual mode. It consists of selection list (selected fields with ordering option), diagram (table boxes and joins) and SQL pane (to set up ORDER BY, WHERE, HAVING, GROUP conditions and COMPUTED columns).

The component works in unbound mode that means all the database metadata information can be supplied to the component directly from application without establishing a connection and/or having a database. The component is session-persistent: its state can be saved and then restored. All query information (such as selected tables, fields, joins, conditions etc) is accessible from the component and can be used by application to perform specific actions (e.g. generating SQL specific to particular SQL server/database). The component can generate and return ANSI SQL based on composed query. The component has customizable look-and-feel (SQL pane tabs, fonts and colors).

The component can display messages, menu items, and titles in different languages (e.g. English, French, Italian¡­). It reads language dependent data from text file that can be adjusted for each country.

The component can present existing queries in visual mode (reversing SQL to graphic presentation).

Unbound mode, session persistence, possibility to get query info in handy form as well as generated SQL, and customizable look-and-feel makes this component helpful for writing commerce and learning applications.

Installation package includes sources in Visual Basic (SqlBldrInit.bas) and VB.NET (SqlBldrInit.vb) that initialize SQL builder component through ADO connection.

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