Sprucheklopfer (or RhinoSoft? Sayings)

Professional database with sayings, catchphrases, own groups, space for sayings in two different languages, import, export and surprising saying of th




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Description of Sprucheklopfer (or RhinoSoft? Sayings):

RhinoSoft@ Sayings is a professional database with sayings. You may work with sayings or jokes or other text that you can store in two different languages. RhinoSoft@ Sayings will manage fields for author, catchphrases, own groups and more. So you have many chances to find a saying that you have searched for. You may import, export, print or copy sayings from the delivered database or you may add your own sayings. RhinoSoft@ Sayings comes with a quick automatic module, that will surprise you with a saying of the day when you turn on your computer. After this, the module will shut down an will completely disappear from RAM and taskbar. RhinoSoft@ Sayings uses MDAC as database engine, so for older systems you must install MDAC. You can get MDAC from www.RhinoSoft.de download area for free.

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